Image - Elmo brushes his teeth. Vaknin.jpgCaring for young children's teeth is an important part of keeping their bodies healthy—and it's never too early to get started! Strong first or baby teeth set the stage for strong permanent teeth, and help children play, learn, and grow. These tips and tools were designed to help you and your child care for her teeth together. Click here for more information.
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How to avoid cavities and instill good oral habits in children

  • Image - toothbrush.jpgBegin cleaning gums and teeth with wash cloth or soft brush morning and night, as soon as baby is born.
  • Use only a pea sized amount of toothpaste, and do not use fluoridated toothpaste until child is old enough to spit it all out.
  • Brush twice daily, especially at night, for 2-3 minutes… about the length of a song. Floss all teeth at nighttime as well.
  • Child should have nothing to eat or drink after nighttime brushing, besides water.

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