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The Greater Wichita area is a great place to live, work and play! We want to showcase the good news! KPTS is excited about a new segment called Positively Wichita. We will tell stories of community; good people doing good things and success stories that are uniquely Wichita! Did you know Pizza Hut started here in Wichita? The White Castle hamburger chain started here in 1921, but hasn't had a Wichita location since 1938. From the history to current day; great things are happening all around us. You'll hear these positive stories ONLY ON KPTS. Watch for our Positively Wichita stories right here and our Facebook page. We'd also like to hear your ideas for future segments! For story ideas or any questions email us at tv8@kpts.org.


Positively Wichita: Human Trafficking Concert

Kansas youth are in danger. Wichita State University is on the cutting edge of efforts to protect and rescue them from an often overlooked horror. A benefit concert will raise awareness and money for WSU’s Center for Combating Human Trafficking.

KPTS Positively Wichita: Cowtown Book

The story of an iconic Wichita tourist attraction is told like never before in a new book filled with photos.


KPTS Positively Wichita:
First Ever Zepick Modern OPera Competition

See how the winning opera performed by Opera Kansas combines Civil War history with music. It’s part of an ongoing effort to expose local students to the timeless art of opera.


KPTS Positively Wichita:
A Man of Many Colors & His Unique Idea

The story of an unlikely local inventor who hopes to transform relationships through the power of light.


KPTS Positively Wichita:
Boys and Girls Clubs of South Central Kansas Celebrate 25 Years!


KPTS Positively Wichita: The Wichita Years

A Wichita family’s life is set to music. Find out why a singer/songwriter in Nova Scotia wrote a song about this family she never met in a city she has never visited. It’s a nostalgic look back at childhood and days gone by.


KPTS Positively Wichita: Wichita NOW!

KPTS recently uncovered a lost film about Wichita. Go back in time with four life-long Wichitans and see how the city has changed since 1969.


Positively Wichita: Brands Born Here

Pizza Hut, White Castle, Mentholatum... these are just some of the world-famous brands born in the inventive city of Wichita, Kansas. This is the story of these home-grown, revolutionary brands and the innovators behind them.


Stories of inspiration from Wichita and surrounding communities.