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  The 50 PLUS REPORT, hosted by Barbara Valentine, is the voice for today's Baby Boomers with news, information, stories and blogs for the 50+ Generation, the fastest growing and most powerful demographic in the U.S. 

Anti-Shrinking Exercises for 50+. What you’ve heard for years is true: we do lose height as we age. Here, the 50 Plus Report explains why shrinkage is common – and how to fight to keep your height.


Acupuncture Facelift. The benefits of a facelift – without the pain, extreme expense or recovery time of surgery. The “Acu-lift” puts a youthful, modern, miraculous spin on the ancient art of acupuncture. And we’re not needling you!


Bucket List Travel. It’s not just a Jack Nicholson movie anymore. A top travel writer covers the major points on what to consider and how to plan those must-take, daydreamed-of vacations that just won’t wait until the next lifetime.

Most Helpful Apps for the 50+. We make navigating the world on smartphones and tablets easy and fun for the tech-intimidated. We demystify applications by explaining how they’re acquired, installed and typically used. Reveal the diversity and versatility of apps, while demonstrating how they can make life so much more fun and productive.

Pet Partner. A renaissance woman from California demonstrates how she translated a personal, lifelong love of dogs into pure joy for countless people who really need it. Oh yeah – her dogs feel the love too.

Successful Online Dating over 50. Dating and courtship in the internet age can be a boon to the Baby Boomers – if they’re just willing to give it a try. Ask Renee and Jack Rosenblum, whose success story will give heart to many – and inspire others to give their hearts to one another.

2nd Careers After Retirement. Some of the world’s funniest people are anonymous, “regular folks” whose audiences are limited to family, friends and co-workers. We found one such man whose improbable second career in comedy began with an innocent request from his grandson.

Meeting a New Mate After A Divorce Or Loss of A Loved One. Sitting alone after 50 is not good for your mental health, according to Dr. Michelle Cohen, psychologist. Dr. Cohen explains why it is important to get out there and meet new people and make new friends after a divorce or a loss of a loved one, along with the possibility of finding new love.


Pets After 50. Studies show that having a pet produces many health benefits, especially when a person is over the age of 50. Pets help to lower blood pressure and generally make people happy. Dr Michelle Cohen, psychologist shares insights and why having a pet is good for your mental and physical health.

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