Longtime, award-winning Kansas journalist Larry Hatteberg brings his classic Hatteberg’s People series back to television in a new half-hour show on KPTS. Each week Hatteberg presents his classic stories about interesting and extraordinary Kansans and then updates us on where those people are now.

Contact Larry and his staff by email: hattebergspeople@kpts.org 

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Season Two

Ep. 3 - A Wichita teenager was suffering from a condition often associated with the elderly, yet she continued to blossom as a writer and an inspiration to others. Plus, he was the Kansas bartender who invented a famous drink you may have heard of…but he himself was a teetotaler.


Ep. 2 - In this episode, it’s the next best thing to a time machine! We take a look back into the past of a small Kansas community thanks to a collection of amazingly vivid photographs. Also, meet an amazing young woman who refused to let her disabilities destroy her dreams. See her amazing story of determination and hope in the face of hardship.


Ep. 1 - In this episode, a Wichita woman wages a courageous, gut-wrenching battle against a seldom-talked about cancer…and the stigma that surrounds it. It’s an amazing story of heartache and hope.  Also, a sweet story about the cycle of life…and a dynamic grandfather—granddaughter duo who became roomies.



Season One

Ep. 10  - A one-of-a-kind kansan who found happiness in the simple things and stories about kansas war heroes.


Ep. 9  - The small kansas town that turned it around and the little corvair that just wouldn’t quit.


Ep. 8  - Meet one of Wichita’s last surviving Tusgegee airmen and Larry confronts the crookedest man in Buhler.


Ep. 7 - A man who lived like an animal in hole in the ground and meet the hard-working Wichita streetsweeper who shares his timeless recipe for happiness.


Ep. 6 - A glimpse into the life of Wichita’s last living holocaust survivor and a Wichita singer hits it big with a runaway hit. Find out what became of this one-time star.


Ep. 5 - See the first official Hatteberg’s People story from 40 years ago. It’s a timeless lesson in life from a kansas rodeo star cut down in his prime.


Ep. 4 - A Kansas man with Ttourrette’s Syndrome is on a mssion to help young people understand the condition and Wichita’s dancing queen from 1977.


Ep. 3 - Stories include a Kansas woman with the autographs of the world’s major historical figures,  and the last day on the job from Winfield’s police chief in 1977.


Ep. 2 - Stories include a lesson in life, love and loyalty, the angel in the golf cart, and a controversial Kansas folk artist.


Ep. 1 - Stories include Larry’s bombshell interview that shed new light on the JFK assassination and an African-American photographer with a candid look at Wichita’s black community through the decades.














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