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Looking to add to or Start a Collection of Native American Art for yourself or a loved one. Sandbar Trading is a dealer in Contemporary as well as Vintage Navajo Rugs, Pueblo Pottery, Hopi Kachina's, Zuni Fetishes, Native American Baskets, Original Art, vintage Moccasins and Bead Work and the finest in Silver, Turquoise and Stone Jewelry. In addition we handle a variety of southwestern and western art and design items. Always' working with individual artists to help bring their vision and wonderfully created pieces to the market for over 30-years. Wichita's Native American Art and Gift Gallery at our Old Town location in Wichita since 2001.


Now featuring "The Masters" a collection of Maria Martinez, Lucy Lewis and other early 1920-1980 potters.


Art in all forms, like the programming at KPTS keeps life interesting and meaningful.


We are proud to sponsor programming at KPTS; programming that informs, entertains and provides us a wider view of the world that we live in.

The Center for Better Hearing
Center for Better Hearing Logo.jpg Communication and hearing are vital components of successful living and an active, healthy and social lifestyle. Linda Parmiter-Jacobs and Carol Jared-Brown are clinical audiologists who opened this practice at 3500 North Rock Road, Bld 1200,  Wichita Kansas in July of 2011 with the transition of the audiology practice from the Heartspring Hearing Center. Both had worked together at Heartspring for over 28 years, building a trusted relationship with the Wichita and South Central Kansas communities.

We welcome and encourage family members to join us for any visit.  Education and information are the most important part of our hearing health process. "Listening for Life....A Practice for All Ages" reflects the importance of the auditory system from infancy through adulthood. A good auditory system is prerequisite for a lifetime of learning and success. We share one passion-one career-and are audiologists by choice. Please visit our website for information.

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