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Irlen Clinic of Wichita

 Irlen_Wichita_Logo.jpg      Since 1994, the counseling office of Dr. Cathryn Hay has provided Kansas and surrounding states with a treatment of Irlen Syndrome, a visual perceptual processing problem that can affect achievement, learning, and performance for people across the age span. Irlen Syndrome is not detected by standard educational, visual, or medical tests, but it can affect academic and work performance, behavior, and attention span.

     Individuals with Irlen Syndrome, formerly known as Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, uses evidence-based technology to improve the brain's ability to read more fluently, to aid reading comprehension, and to fight fatigue, while mitigating the effects of fluorescent light, relieving headaches and migraines, and ameliorating some other stress-related conditions. The individually determined tinted overlay (s), spectral filters in eyeglass lenses or contacts can improve mood, comfort, concentration, and driving with confidence in addition to reading and computer skills.

      The Irlen Clinic of Wichita, Counseling Resources, and Dr. Hay proudly support educational programming on KPTS Channel 8 and believes in the mission of public television in south central Kansas to provide the highest level of information and entertainment.

Venue 332 at Wichita Scottish Rite Center   
ScottishRite.jpg    For nearly 120 years, the Wichita Scottish Rite has been caregiver for one of the most distinctive and opulent buildings in Wichita. As Venue 332, we have married 19th century elegance with enduring sophistication in bringing memorable moments to your special day. Seven unique settings offer accommodations to fit your needs. A 700-seat auditorium, dining room to accommodate 450, additional smaller rooms, 200 free parking spaces adjacent to the building, open catering, commercial kitchen, wifi, with many more features and amenities. Whether it's a wedding, annual meeting, party, reunion, photo session, or fundraiser, whatever the size or purpose of your gathering, Venue 332 has a setting that's a perfect match.

     For rental information on Venue 332, please contact Mike Williamson at (316) 263-4218 or visit our website at You can schedule a time to come visit our available spaces in person and determine how we can best serve your needs.

      We are proud to sponsor programming at KPTS, like KPTS we care about the people and the community around us where we live, in south-central Kansas.

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