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Kansas Rural Center

Kansas Rural Center Logo.png  Since 1979, the Kansas Rural Center has worked to strengthen family farms, rural communities, and a healthy food system. We have provided a vision and a voice for those who see alternatives for our agricultural future, and help and resources for those who want to implement them. We envision a future of thriving family farms, revitalized communities, a clean environment, a healthy local and regional food system, and viable livelihoods for farmers, including opportunities for the next generation who will grow our food.

    In addition to promoting an ecologically based, diversified farm and food system, KRC currently offers two formal programs, Community Food Solutions for a Healthier Kansas and Women in Agriculture. Community Food Solutions aims to advance public policy solutions to better incorporate Kansas farms into the supply chain thereby potentially improving Kansas's economy, community, environment, and health status. Women in Agriculture provides hands -on practical skills training through workshops and identifying resources for women farmers and landowners to meet risks and challenges in farming. Also, don't miss our annual conference November 13 & 14, 2015! Learn more at!

    KRC partners with organizations, agencies, companies and individuals across the state and country to provide the resources that farmers, ranchers, consumers and communities need to grow an ecological, diversified food and farming system.   We are happy to support KPTS to help bring new ideas, resources, and experiences to Kansans from all walks of life.

Jacob Liquor Exchange
Jacob Liquor.jpg Jacob Liquor Exchange (JLE) was opened in 1979 with a 3500 square foot store on north Woodlawn with a purposeful concept to bring a professional approach to customer selection and service.  We started with the emphasis that 50% of the inventory on the floor space being dedicated to wine, basically a unheard of product in Kansas at that time.  Over the next 35 years the store has relocated five times while increasing the size of the store each time, which currently occupies 30,000 sq. ft. at 29th & north Rock Road.  Over the years JLE has been committed to woo wineries from not only California, Washington and Oregon, but from all over the world to enter the Kansas market. We have been able to stay ahead of the ever changing needs and wants of the consumer with our increased selection of crafted beers and spirits.

In 2003 JLE was recognized by the industries Market Watch publication as one of the six Retail Leaders in the nation.  In 2011 we were, once again, honored by  Market Watch as the industry leader of the year for Community Service.  The acceptance by the Wichita consumer of a new concept in liquor store retailing is credited for the store receiving these coveted awards. Under Kansas law, JLE was allowed to open another destination location in west Wichita at 21st & Maize.

We support Channel 8 because we value community and the richness that public television brings to the Wichita area.

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