Meeting date/time/location are subject to change. Please contact Linda Miner at 316-838-3090 or by email to confirm this information.

The business and affairs of the Kansas Public Telecommunications Service, Inc. (KPTS) is managed under the direction of a Board of Trustees. The Board consists of no fewer than 9 members. The Board elects a Chairperson, Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. Trustees serve two, three-year terms and are divided into three classes. If you are interested in serving as a Trustee, please contact Victor A. Hogstrom.

All KPTS Board of Trustees and Trustee Committee meetings are open to the public. All meetings are held in the KPTS studio located at 320 W. 21st Street North, Wichita, KS 67203.

Board of Trustee meetings are held the 4th Tuesday of every month (excluding December) from 11:30am to 1:30pm. Please contact Linda Miner for date/time/location of the annual meeting.

Visitors will be permitted to attend and observe regular meetings of the KPTS Board of Trustees. Any visitor will be introduced to the Board and will be permitted to address the Board only upon written request to the Chair two weeks prior to the meeting.

Board of Trustees (Jacqueline Kelly – Chair & Denny Senseney – Chair Elect)
(4th Tuesday of every month)
11:30 to 1:30 – KPTS Studio

July 24, 2018
August 28, 2018
September 25, 2018
October 23, 2018
(KPTS held a closed session of the Board of Trustees on 10/23/18 to consider matters relating to contracts.)
November 27, 2018
No December Meeting (12/25/18)
January 22, 2019
February 26, 2019
March 26, 2019
April 23, 2019
May 28, 2019

June 25, 2019 (annual)

Finance Committee (Perry E. Winter – Chair)
(Meets Quarterly – prior to Board meeting unless otherwise noted)
9:00 to 10:00; KPTS Studio or Conference room
July 19, 2018
October 18, 2018
November 15, 2018(Special Meeting)
February 21, 2019
April 29, 2019
May 23, 2019

Governance Committee (Rachel Wetta – Chair)
(Meets Quarterly – Second Tuesday of the Month)
11:30 to 1:00; KPTS Conference room

August 14, 2018
November 13, 2018 (Time Changed to 2:30 p.m.)
April 1, 2019 (Date and Time Changed to 10:30 a.m.)
April 11, 2019 (Added Date 10:30 a.m.)
June 11, 2019

Fundraising & Development
Meetings Called as Necessary

Personnel Committee
Meetings Called as Necessary

Strategic Planning Task Force
Meetings Called as Necessary

Legislative Task Force
Meetings Called as Necessary

Building Committee
Meetings Called as Necessary
3/26/2019 at 10:30 a.m. KPTS Conference Room


Brian Adams is a Vice President, Private Client Advisor and Team Leader for The Commerce Trust Company. He serves as a senior consultant and relationship manager providing clients with personalized objective advice.

Jon Callen is president of Edmiston Oil. He is a long-time supporter of KPTS, and is an Emeritus Member of the KPTS Board of Trustees.

Barry Gaston is president and owner of Gaston Marketing, a company which produces radio and TV commercials for clients nationwide. Before Gaston Marketing, he was involved in radio broadcasting as a manager and owner of several radio stations.

Tisha Johnson
is a Resource Management Analyst for Westar Energy with a history of working in the utilities industry.

Jacqueline Kelly (Chair) currently serves as the City Attorney for the City of Bel Aire. Prior to moving to Kansas, she served the Department of Defense as a contracted Project Analyst for emerging technology incentives in Suffolk, Va.

Jim McCann operates Jiminy Advertising, a full-service advertising agency. He is also Media Director for Wonderful Wichita Digital Billboard Advertising where he creates graphic designs for LED boards and markets several independently owned digital boards.

Jay Prater became Managing Meteorologist at KAKEland WeatherPlex in January 2004. He was designated as the first Certified Broadcast Meteorologist™ by the American Meteorological Society®, and also maintains both Television and Radio Seals of Approval from the National Weather Association.

Denny Senseney (Chair Elect) founded Senseney Music, a retail music business he owned and operated from 1978 to 2008. He has worked and volunteered extensively in the area of music.

Rachel Wetta (Secretary) is a partner at Foulston Siefkin, LLP. She is a trial lawyer who represents clients in a variety of litigation matters in both state and federal court.

Perry E. Winter is a portfolio manager for The Commerce Trust Company. He works with their investment team to construct a portfolio to help clients’ achieve their long-term financial goals.