You may contact any KPTS employee by calling the main office at 316-838-3090. You may also click on the small envelope to contact them via email.


Full-Time Employees
Allen Atha, Producer/Director

David Baes, Director of Operations & Technology

Steve Brosius, Community Pledge Coordinator/Producer

Misty Brown, Special Events/Volunteer Manager

Ted Essex, Multi-Media Sales Specialist

Chris Frank, Multi-Media Journalist

Jim Grawe, Executive Producer

Richard Hess, Continuity Director

Victor A. Hogstrom, President & CEO

Jennifer Keller, Director of Marketing and Promotions

Donald Matlock, Senior Broadcast Technician

Alicia McGill, Corporate Support Traffic Scheduler

Linda Miner, Administrative Assistant/ Receptionist

Steve Neu, Broadcast/Computer Technician

Richard Ochoa, Chief Engineer

Mike Oliver, Producer/Director

Phil Richardson, Director of Development

Kevin Schulz, Multi-Media Sales Specialist

Phil Searle, Production Manager

Dan Spina, Broadcast Operations Assistant

Katelyn Weber, Membership Manager

Arlene Williams, Publications Editor/Graphic Designer

Nikki Witte, Accounting Coordinator


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