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Space Available for Lease


Hutchinson Tower information

ASR: 1037798

Type: Guyed lattice

Height: 700 feet (213 meters)

Manufacture/Model: IDECO

Location: 38-03-21 N; 97-46-36 W

Fenced space available at tower base.



Park City Tower information

ASR: 1288320

Type: Guyed lattice

Height: 450 feet (137 meters)

Manufacture/Model: Sabre/ 3600 SRWD

Location: 37-48-13.9 N; 97-20-55.4 W

Unfenced space available at tower base.

Space is available for lease on both of these towers. Contact Phil Searle, 320 W. 21st Street N., Wichita, KS 67203. 316-838-3090 or