Third Thursday of Each Month @ 8:30PM

Katherine Ambrose, local realtor for more than 30 years and senor living expert, will host a new local show, Empowering Seniors. This show will feature a series of candid conversations with experts focused on the unique and complex issues facing seniors and their families.
Empowering Seniors will focus on a variety of topics such as preparing to downsize; staying independent as you age; communicating with your adult children; avoiding scams; protecting your assets; and more. This show is being adapted from Ambrose’s popular series for seniors held each month at Botanica.
This show becomes the 7th locally produced show in the KPTS lineup.

Episode 3

Author and Lifestyle Specialist Mitzi Beach on how our living spaces can impact our lives.

Episode 2

How to adapt your house to make it easier and safer to age in place.

Episode 1

Empowering Seniors will focus on a variety of issues facing seniors.

Additional Topics Will Include:

  • The Truth About All Things Senior Living

  • The Truth About Living, Dying & Leaving a Legacy

  • The Truth About Avoiding Scams & Protecting Your Assets

  • The Truth About Liquidating the "Extra Stuff."

  • The Truth About Decluttering Your Home

  • The Truth About Home Health And In-home Care

  • The Truth About Talking With Your Adult Children

  • The Truth About Staying Independent as You Age

  • The Truth About Paying for Retirement Living

Each month Katerine Ambrose speaks about these topics at Botanica. Learn more here.