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The PBS Kansas Channel 8 documentary about pies called “The Pie Way…Kansas Style,” with Beth Bower, is a hit!

Like to bake? Make a one-time pledge of $96 and receive a copy of “The Pie Way…Kansas Style Documentary,” on DVD, “The Pie Way…Kansas Style Cookbook,” PBS Kansas Passport Membership (watch PBS/PBS Kansas shows anytime/anywhere). Or, for a one-time pledge of $75 you will receive a copy of “The Pie Way…Kansas Style Cookbook.”

“This project was so much fun,” said Bower. “I learned about many great places to sample pies in Kansas, and tips and techniques to make my own pies better. I hope people will enjoy both the pie documentary and the cookbook!”

The following restaurants and professionals are featured in the documentary and cookbook: Arbuckle Mountain Fried Pies, Park City; Bradley’s Corner Café, Topeka; Chef Gregory Cole, MSL, Butler Community College; Carriage Crossing Restaurant & Bakery, Yoder; Denise Neil, The Wichita Eagle; Dianne Qualls, The Pie Lady; Inman Harvest Café, Inman; LaVon’s Bakery and BBQ, Buhler; Spear’s Restaurant & Pie Shop, Wichita; and The Breadbasket Restaurant & Bakery, Newton.

Tuesday, October 18 @ 1 p.m.

In March 2019, The Pie Way….Kansas Style

Cookbook and DVD won several awards from the Kansas Professional Communicators.

Many thanks to the following sponsors who made this documentary and cookbook possible: