Honor Wall

They will tell you there is no greater honor than serving the country they love. We will tell you there is no greater honor than serving them when they return. This is our honor wall; individuals, businesses and others who are making a donation to assist KPTS in funding our initiative Veterans Coming Home. More than anything, these brave men and women who serve deserve our appreciation, respect, understanding and gratitude for what they’ve sacrificed and how much it means to all of us. By donating $1,000 or more you can add your name to this page and your dollars will help support Veterans and our efforts to provide them with valuable resources and to continue telling their Stories of Service. Won’t you consider adding your name to this prestigious wall today? For more information on supporting this cause contact Phil Richardson at prichardson@kpts.org or 316-838-3090 ext. #221.


($25,000 and above)


($15,000 - $24,999)

FH Kaysing Company
Lattner Family Foundation


($10,000 - $14,999)


($5,000 - $9,999)


($1,000 - $4,999)

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