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Longtime, award-winning Kansas journalist Larry Hatteberg brings his classic Hatteberg’s People series back to television in a new half-hour show on KPTS. Each week Hatteberg presents his classic stories about interesting and extraordinary Kansans and then updates us on where those people are now.

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Hatteberg's People Episode 302

In this episode… she was the wife of a Wichita State basketball coach, reflecting on her husband’s firing. It was a dark period in Shocker history… and a dark period for Ann Cohen. But, she was sure there was a light at the end of tunnel.

Also… meet a man who was on a mission. Putting his faith into action by helping the homeless, and his efforts helped strengthen a well-known Wichita


Hatteberg's People Episode 301

In this episode, Dwane Wallace was one of the giants of aviation and one of the most prominent Wichitans of the 20th century… much loved and admired. But behind the scenes, his wife was sometimes overlooked. He was the aviation giant, she was just ‘Velma’. He built Cessna into one of the world’s biggest aircraft companies. His wife was always at his side, but often felt her life wasn’t


Hatteberg's People Episode 210

She was a true renaissance woman… loved… and now missed by many. We’ll share a few minutes of life with popular restauranteur Tanya Tandoc.

Also, learn why a world famous jazz singer returned to Kansas… and rediscovered its charm.


Hatteberg's People Episode 209

In this episode, some Wichitans explain how helping the homeless has changed their lives, and they’d be happy to share the joy with you. Also, meet the sumner county couple who turned their acreage into a museum. They really went old-school---literally!


Hatteberg's People Episode 208

In this special international edition of Hatteberg’s People, you’ll see some of Larry’s stories from overseas… including a group of Wichita pastors that got more than they bargained for when they attempted to shoot a movie in Greece. And Larry had a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to spend a month in New Zealand! You’ll meet some of the characters, and see some of the beauty he encountered in this


Hatteberg's People Episode 207

On this edition of Hatteberg’s People, we celebrate business people across the state with interesting stories to share. Meet the Wichita brothers who carry on a family business that has kept America’s marching bands looking their best.

Also, he runs one of the last businesses of its kind in Kansas. Roosevelt Gamble is a kind man who takes pride in every shoe he shines.

Bennington ice cream shop

Hatteberg's People Episode 206

35,000 miles on his bike… and still pumping away at age 83. It was hard to keep up with Merle Walker… who knew how to make the most of his retirement. Plus, like smoke under a door… his music surrounds you. Hear his story and find out what became of a smooth jazz artist whose career was taking off in 2004.


Hatteberg's People Episode 205

In this episode… back in 1984, Larry interviewed Kansas surgeon Shanti Ghandi… he’s Mahatma Ghandi’s great-grandson, and for years he kept his ancestry quiet. Also, meet the oldest judge in American history… serving at the federal courthouse in Wichita into his 104th year. It’s an up close and personal look at judge Wesley Brown who just kept on going.


Hatteberg's People Episode 204

In this edition of Hatteberg’s People, a candid look at life at Wichita’s historic Eaton Hotel as it was a quarter century ago. And, lessons in life and death from a man who was an expert in both. His job was cemetery caretaker…his profession was philosopher.


Hatteberg's People Episode 203

A Wichita teenager was suffering from a condition often associated with the elderly, yet she continued to blossom as a writer and an inspiration to others. Plus, he was the Kansas bartender who invented a famous drink you may have heard of…but he himself was a teetotaler.


Hatteberg's People Episode 202

In this episode, it’s the next best thing to a time machine! We take a look back into the past of a small Kansas community thanks to a collection of amazingly vivid photographs. Also, meet an amazing young woman who refused to let her disabilities destroy her dreams. See her amazing story of determination and hope in the face of hardship. Plus many more stories in this edition of Hatteberg’s


Hatteberg's People Episode 201

In this episode, a Wichita woman wages a courageous, gut-wrenching battle against a seldom-talked about cancer…and the stigma that surrounds it. It’s an amazing story of heartache and hope.
Also, a sweet story about the cycle of life…and a dynamic grandfather—granddaughter duo who became roomies.
Plus many more stories in this edition of Hatteberg’s People.