What is KPTS' privacy policy?

KPTS does not share donor infomation to any 3rd party unless acquired by law.

Why haven't I received the program guide this month?
In February 2010 we went to an online only program guide.  Please click here to print this month's guide.  For assistance, please email us Image - envbutton.gif or call us at 316-838-3090.

How can I receive the monthly program guide?
Our online program guide is free for everyone to view and print.  Click here to print this month's program guide.  If you would like to receive our guide by email each month, please call us at 316-838-3090.

How can I purchase a copy of a program?
Click here to be taken to Shop PBS. KPTS members receive a 15% discount. The promotional code must be obtained from our membership office. If you do not find the program you are looking for, email us Image - envbutton.gif or call us at 316-838-3090.
How can I receive information about a program?
Please email us Image - envbutton.gif with your question or call us at 316-838-3090.
I made a pledge. When will I receive my thank you gifts?
Since we do not pre-order any of our thank you gifts, we ask that you allow 4-6 weeks for delivery of your gifts. We will ship them to you as soon as we receive them.
I am on an installment plan. How much of my pledge must be paid before I receive my gifts?
To help keep the cost of our expenses down and use your contribution most wisely, a certain percentage of your pledge has to be fulfilled before we can send you your gift. The percentage is determined by the Membership Department and based on best practices by the station. Please email us Image - envbutton.gif or call Jennifer Brown at 316-838-3090 ext. 219 if you have any questions.
If I choose the installment plan, how much do I pay each month?
The installment plan is set up for a 12 month payment period. This means that the total amount pledged will be broken into 12 payments. For example, if a pledge is for $120 the member will pay $10 a month for 12 months. The installment plan is not to exceed 12 months and early payoffs are encouraged.
If I choose the installment plan, how will I be contacted for payment?
For installment plans paid by credit card, KPTS will deduct payment from the card at the beginning of each month. Each time the card is charged, a receipt is sent to the cardholder. Members who wish to pay by check will be billed each month. Invoices will be sent as long as there is a balance for the pledge. There is no fee for early pay off. If a pledge is fulfilled before the 12 month period, no more invoices will be sent.
If I made a previous contribution, can I use that toward a pledge now?
While we appreciate every contribution, the Membership Department will determine if a previous donation can be used toward a new pledge and thank you gift. Please email us Image - envbutton.gif or call Jennifer Brown at 316-838-3090 ext. 219 as consideration is individually based.
Can I send the gifts to a different address?
Yes, please supply us with the name and address of the recipient and we will send them the thank you gift requested. Membership will send all other items to the contributor.
Can I make a donation for a show I saw last week?
Yes, you can make a pledge for any of the pledge specials you saw on KPTS, past or present. Click here to find your show and make a donation.
How will I be billed?
When you make a pledge to KPTS, our Membership Department will bill you within one week from the date the pledge is made. The invoice is sent along with a return envelope for your convenience. You will continue to be billed each month until the pledge is fulfilled.
What is Electronic Funds Transfer?
Electronic Funds Transfer, also known as EFT, is an automatic withdrawal from your personal checking account. This is available through installment plans or can be set up anytime to fulfill a pledge. If an EFT is requested, KPTS will send you the enrollment materials. It is the contributors responsiblity to return the completed materials to begin the process.
Is any of my pledge tax deductible?
Yes, a portion of your gift is tax deductible. That amount is determined by the value of your thank you gift. KPTS will send the tax deductible amount with your thank you gift. A tax receipt will also be sent detailing any and all tax deductible amounts for the previous year.
Where can I see the KPTS Annual Report?
KPTS’ most recent Community Report is available online. Please click here. (The IRS Form 990 is also there.)
Where is KPTS located?
KPTS’s studios are in Wichita, KS, but Channel 8 transmits from two locations, one just east of Hutchinson, KS. and the second from Park City, KS.  KPTS covers 13 counties in south central Kansas and parts of 15 additional counties by way of cable systems and over the air reception.  Click on the map to the right to view the broadcast area.

How can I get better reception on channel 8?
If you are having reception difficulties, there are a few things you can do to help. Indoor antennas will not work reliably unless you live within a strong signal area.  Those areas for KPTS are roughly a 10 mile radius of Hutchinson or a 15 mile radius of our translator at Park City . For everyone else an outdoor antenna mounted in the attic or possibly in the garage sometimes works well but often it will only perform well when it is mounted above the roof a few feet. The higher the antenna, the better the reception is likely to be. If you live where there are restrictions on antennas we refer you to the FCC's Over-The-Air Reception Rule.  

If you’ve recently lost reception of one or more stations and you are using an indoor antenna, consider what may have changed in your home, particularly in the physical  area around your antenna.  Digital electronic devices will often transmit weak signals that can cause interference and the loss of reception, especially in regards to weaker signals.  Wireless devices may emit energy that is strong enough to create interference as well.

The antenna should be aimed generally toward Hutchinson or Park City, KS.  Having the antenna split out to several antenna jacks in the house will weaken the reception to each location, whether a television is connected to the jacks or not. If multiple locations are desired, you may need to add an amplified splitting device that will prevent this. Make sure that you have good connections to both your television and your antenna. A preamplifier installed at the antenna may also help your reception.

There are times when the atmospheric conditions permit radio signals to travel farther than they normally do. When this happens, interference that is not normally experienced can occur. When another Channel 8 is “brought into” our viewing area, a condition called Co-Channel exists.  With digital broadcasts the interference can result in the loss of reception of the channel.   Unfortunately, there is little that can be done to avoid these conditions. They will pass.

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