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If you need assistance accessing our public file information, please contact Phil Searle, Director of Operations & Technology at 316-838-3090 ext. 205.

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States requires all broadcast stations to maintain a public inspection file. The public inspection file has been moved from the station's main studio to an online file linked above. This FCC web site makes it accessible to anyone any time. You may request copies of any of these documents, stations are required to provide copies at the requester's expense.


EEO Report

Programming & Service Report  (Click on Issues and Programs List Folder)


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If you have questions please call PBS Kansas, 316-838-3090, or click the envelope to email us at


PBS Kansas Financials

KPTS 2018 Annual Financial Report to CPB


KPTS Audited Financial 2016

KPTS Audited Financial 2017

KPTS Audited Financial 2018

KPTS Audited Financial 2019

KPTS Audited Financial 2020

PBS Kansas Audited Financial 2021


 Kansas Public Telecommunications Service, Inc. (KPTS) hereby notifies the general public with regard to proposed construction of an antenna structure to serve its needs. The antenna structure will be located at 8710 E. 32nd Street N., Wichita, KS 67023. The antenna structure will be constructed on KPTS property at an elevation of 1421 feet above sea level, with a maximum height above ground of 145 feet. The antenna structure will be a self-supporting structure of the indicated height with no lighting or painting. The proposed antenna structure has been reviewed by the FAA and the FAA has issued a “Determination of No Air Hazard” for the proposed antenna structure. An application has been created and submitted to the FCC for the antenna structure registration with file number A1207451. Interested persons may view the FCC application by going to and entering the application number above. Interested persons may raise environmental concerns about the proposed structure by filing a Request for Environmental Review with the Federal Communications Commission and may only address environmental concerns. Interested parties are required to file such Requests for Environmental Review online, and instructions for making such filings can be found at