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PBS Kansas Volunteers

Registered Volunteers

If you are already a registered volunteer, please click here to see our current volunteer opportunities.

PBS Kansas thrives because of volunteers like you! Everything we do, from award-winning programming to community events, is made possible through the support of PBS Kansas volunteers. There are many ways you can help PBS Kansas fulfill its mission, including answering the phone during pledge nights, helping with administrative tasks, facilitating activities in the children’s center, and working behind the scenes with the production team. 

Questions? Call 316-838-3090or contact 

Irene Crews Volunteer of the Year Award

“We have always wanted the very best programming for our children. We have always wanted the best programming for ourselves…We have never really left our original premise—the best!”  Irene Crews

Irene Crews

Irene Crews (1918-2012) became a volunteer at KPTS even before the station signed on the air for the first time in 1970. She was a staunch advocate of the station and worked tirelessly to keep it afloat during some of its leanest years. 

She even went door-to-door on Main Street of her small town, collecting donations in a tin can to meet the payroll. Her tin cup is now a treasured part of the PBS Kansas Museum. 

Each year, one of the PBS Kansas volunteers is chosen to receive the Irene Crews Volunteer Award for their service to the station.

Irene Crews Volunteer of the Year Winners

Selena Brosius (2022 Irene Crews Volunteer of the Year winner)

Selena Brosius (2022 Winner)

Selena Brosius has been a volunteer since 2015. She answers the phone during quarterly pledge drives and is known for making her famous enchiladas for the other volunteers. As a member of the Community Advisory Board, she helps review PBS Kansas programming to ensure it meets the specialized educational and cultural needs of the community.

Thank you for all your hard work, Selena!

Previous Winners

Katie King, 2021

Kevin Jones, 2020

Marti Smith, 2008

The Mac Family, 2007

Mary and H.R. “Curley” Clough, 2006

Michael Stonecyper, 2005

Harley Anderson, Mary 
and H.R. “Curley” Clough, 2004

Jean Chappell, 2003

Dave Seaton, 2002

Red Ervin, 2001

Crunchy T, 2000

Irene Crews, 1999

Volunteers at Work

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