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Thank you to everyone who submitted entries for the 2023 Art Contest! This year's theme was My STEAM Superpower, and more than 100 young artists participated from across Kansas.


1st Place: Imane T., Age 10

"My STEAM Superpower is art. I will use it to inspire the people I care about, at home, school or anywhere!"

2nd Place: Xavier C., Age 9

"My art work is called the Meal-O-Matick. It knows every recipe in the work. It is used for cooking for people and teaching people to cook."

3rd Place: Abbie M., Age 4

"I love art and making beautiful pictures"

Honorable Mentions

Yuki H., Age 3

Tynlee E., Age 7

Octavian C., Age 4

Abigail P., Age 8

Andrew E., Age 5

Liam W., Age 9

Evangeline C., Age 6

Huntley K., Age 10