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Longtime, award-winning Kansas journalist Larry Hatteberg brings his classic Hatteberg’s People series back to television in a new half-hour show on KPTS. Each week Hatteberg presents his classic stories about interesting and extraordinary Kansans and then updates us on where those people are now.

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Hatteberg's People Christmas Special 2018

Larry investigates a Christmas mystery and interviews a Kansan who starred in a popular holiday movie. Plus more holiday related stories!

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Hatteberg's People Episode 409

A Wichita woman lives out her fantasy by recreating a medieval European retreat in her own backyard. Also, meet a man who owns one of the few Jones Six automobiles built in Wichita.

Hatteberg's People Episode 408

A Wichita State professor devotes his life to restoring the prairie, and Larry visits a family-owned candy factory in Dexter where traditions runs deep.

Hatteberg's People Episode 407

See a brand new story Larry just shot about a Kansas character straight out of the 1950s. Also, visit a museum full of amazing creations of art and engineering.

Hatteberg's People Episode 406

In this episode, a Wichita man is playing the odds and restoring old slot machines. You’ll see why selling them is a lot more lucrative than playing them.

Also, he was the last of his kind. The shoe shine man at the Sedgwick County courthouse was lamenting the changing times when Larry talked with him in 2005.

And, we make tracks to Wellington and visit a train museum that was the brainchild of P

Hatteberg's People Episode 405

An epic photo spread showcases the beauty and wonder of the Kansas Flint Hills. It’s work of the one of the world’s best nature photographers… Jim Richardson of Lindsborg.

Also, she was America’s most famous college graduate in 2007. All eyes were on Hays, Kansas as Nola Ochs entered the world record book. Learn what all the hullabaloo was all about.

Plus many more classic Hatteberg’s People storie

Hatteberg's People Episode 404

A Sedgwick County woman makes an historic discovery right in her own back yard! See what it is and find out what’s happened since she stumbled upon this amazing find!

Also, his art always had a message, and was out there for everybody to see! Long before people were posting political opinions on Facebook, M.T. Liggett was sharing his beliefs along the highway!

Plus many more great stories!

Hatteberg's People Episode 403

Meet a Wichita couple who made a lot of mistakes… and paid for it. Now they’re devoting their lives to steering young people away from those same bad decisions they made.

Also, Larry wasn’t too keen on getting up close with some slithering reptiles… but Henry Fitch was. He was one of the world’s foremost experts on copperhead snakes. Enjoy this story from 1984, plus many more!

Hatteberg's People Episode 402

In this episode, we feature the mini-documentary, “Banking on Art”. It’s a brand new Hatteberg’s People story that has never aired!

Plus, three bandits invaded his home, tied him up and stole his car. He seemed to take it all in stride, but Ira Mog had just been through a harrowing ordeal. Larry got the exclusive story.

Hatteberg's People episode 401

She barely survived the worst aviation disaster in Kansas history, and years later led the charge to build a memorial to the victims. Discover how this tragedy forever redefined life for Sonya House.

Also… Ray Braun came face to face with a cold-blooded killer. It was a memory that endured for decades. You’ll hear the details.

And… Bob Stanley from Augusta built his own little world from days gone