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Award-winning journalist Pilar Pedraza discusses the week’s big news stories with reporters and newsmakers from across Kansas. If you haven’t had time to follow the news during the week, this will be your chance to catch up and get in-depth content and analysis of local and state politics and other big stories that affect your life.

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Kansas Week 3-15-2019

A look at the possibility of returning passenger rail to Wichita, growing concern over prison staffing shortages, and the potential for Boeing's halt on 737 production to affect Wichita.

Kansas Week 3-8-2019

A Sedgwick County Commissioner is free after his final charges are dismissed. Also, a vote on storm shelters for a small Kansas school district, and a fight over taxes returns to the Senate.

Kansas Week 3-1-2019

The Kansas Legislative session reaches its halfway point, our panelists take a look at which bills may not survive. Some Kansas farmers cannot repay their loans, and an update on the trial of a Sedgwick County Commissioner.

Kansas Week 2-22-2019

New developments in the case of a deadly accident at a Kansas water park, new ways to catch counterfeiters and an anti-LGBTQ law surfaces in the Kansas legislature.

Kansas Week 2-15-19

An emergency staffing declaration at El Dorado State Penitentiary, staffing shortages at KDOT, and new ideas for school funding.

Kansas Week 2-8-2019

The daughter of the BTK serial killer breaks her silence, Kansas has a prison staffing shortage, and the statehouse fight over itemizing taxes.


Kansas Week 2-1-2019

The debate over Medicaid expansion, a rise in drug-related crime, and a survey of Wichita's homeless population.

Kansas Week 1-25-2019

McConnell's new tankers arrive in Wichita, and plans are unveiled for Wichita's new baseball stadium.

Kansas Week 1-18-19

A special show as the Kansas Legislative session begins for 2019. Pilar Pedraza and Dion Lefler check in from Topeka as the first week wraps up.

Kansas Week 1-11-19

An officer-involved shooting, latest developments on the border wall, and a pre-session lawmaker debate-- all discussed by our panelists this week.

Kansas Week 1-4-2019

A racially motivated assault on a toddler, the retirement of a longtime Kansas Senator, and a lawsuit over voting in Dodge City are discussed by our panelists.

Kansas Week 12-28-2018

Our panelists count down the top stories of 2018.

Kansas Week 12-14-2018

Our panelists discuss incoming Kansas governor Laura Kelly's first challenges coming into office, and Sedgwick County Commission's push to end Daylight Saving Time.

Kansas Week 12-7-2018

The question of marijuana legalization in Kansas, changes in the Department of Children and Families, and the departure of the Sedgwick County Manager are discussed by our panelists.

Kansas Week 11-09-18

Our panelists discuss issues on Kansas' and National Midterm Election results.

Kansas Week 11-2-18

In this special hourlong episode, the panelists discuss Election Day, including the gubernatorial race and other Kansas races.

Kansas Week 10-12-18

Our panelists discuss local races in the upcoming 2018 election.

Kansas Week 09-28-18

Our panelists discuss the Kavanaugh hearings, the effects of the trade war, preview upcoming episodes of One on One with the Kansas gubernatorial candidates and more.

Kansas Week 5-18-18

Reaction to the deadly high school shooting in Texas, marijuana legalization, updates on the Kansas Governor's race and statehouse legislation.

Kansas Week 5-4-2018

Our panelists discuss allegations of an illegal gambling ring, new legislation regarding adoption, and an out-of-state candidate for Kansas governor.

Kansas Week 3-30-2018

Our panelists discuss election reform, student protests over gun control, and reaction to a school funding study.

Kansas Week - Sunshine Laws

Our panelists discuss the status of open government in Kansas, and the availability of public information.

Kansas Week 2-23-18

The recent school shooting in Florida and its aftermath are discussed by our panelists.

Kansas Week 2-16-18

Panelists discuss the call for Swatting legislation, the reported abuse of medication in nursing homes, and Kansas election security.

Kansas Week 02-02-18

Panelists discuss the President's State of the Union address, the departure of Kansas Governor Sam Brownback, and issues facing the Kansas Legislature in the weeks ahead.

Kansas Week 01-26-18

Panelists discuss the recent issues surrounding the Wichita Police Department, and the resignation of Governor Sam Brownback.

Kansas Week 01-19-18

Our panelists discuss the issues surrounding school finance in Kansas.

Kansas Week 1-5-2018

Commentators address the Wichita "Swatting" death, and preview the 2018 Legislative Session in Topeka.