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Filming at the Fair

Some members of the PBS Kansas Antiques Club will be selected to appear in an on-air special called Kansas Antiques which will be filmed at the Antiques Fair. The show will air in early August. Stay tuned for more information.

Antiques Fair

The fifth annual PBS Kansas Antiques Fair will be held at the PBS Kansas Headquarters. Like Antiques Roadshow, the event will connect you with local experts who can help you learn about your treasured family heirlooms and garage sale finds. This fundraising event helps PBS Kansas keep Antiques Roadshow, one of your favorite shows, on air! 

  • $10: Admission for one person to the Antiques Fair, including speaker series. (Does not include appraisal.)
  • $75: Admission for two people and one appraisal - including speaker series and PBS Kansas Passport streaming service.
  • $150: Admission for two people and two appraisals - includes speaker series and PBS Kansas Passport streaming service.
  • $300: Admission for two people and two appraisals - includes speakers’ series, Spice Merchant Coffee Card and PBS Kansas Passport streaming service.


Brady Dreasher, Art of Estates (ISA CAPP, GPPA, CES, CAGA, WSTI)

Brady Dreasher is a member of four independently recognized appraisal organizations, and has traveled all over the world visiting museum collections, attending conferences and antiques/art fairs to further his knowledge of collecting trends. He has built a vast network of professional colleagues in order to provide wealth of knowledge for projects and clients across the United States.

Denice S. Morris, Art of Estates (MA, ASA)

Denice S. Morris is qualified and credentialed by the American Society of Appraisers organization based in Reston, Virginia. As a former artist, teacher, and director of the Coutts Art Museum in Kansas, Morris brings an exceptional amount of experience coupled with her activity in collecting, orchestrating estate sales and working with non-profits in the arts community.

Jason Woody, Woody Auctions

Jason Woody is the co-owner, operating manager, and auctioneer of Woody Auction, a family business that is over 75 years old. Woody specializes in Victorian and pre-1920s antiques like American Brilliant Cut Glass, Art Glass, Artwork, Carnival Glass, porcelain, sterling silver, and more. 


Mark Buckley, Toy Depot

Mark Buckley has been the co-owner of the Toy Depot in Hutchinson since 2011, but he has been a collector and connoisseur of toys for much longer. As an adult, he decided to find the toys he always wanted as a child. When he opened the Toy Depot, he patterned it after the classic toy stores of the 1930s and 40s. It is full from the floor to ceiling with vintage toys from marbles and dolls to trains and tractors.

Tim Bulloch, Sparkle Jewelry

Tim Bulloch specializes in watch repair, Rolex repair, and high-end jewelry design. He is the owner Sparkle Jewelry, a three-time winner of Wichita Eagle’s Reader’s Choice Awards for best jewelry store.  

Kevin Damm, Damm Music

Kevin Damm, a Wichita native and musician, started Damm Music Center from scratch in 2003. He holds a B.A. in Music Education from the University of Kansas, and his center has been a hub for all things musical from instruments to lessons for two decades. 




Interested in sponsoring the PBS Kansas Antiques Fair? Click here for information on benefits! 

Booth Information


PBS Kansas Antiques Club

The PBS Kansas Antiques Club helps support the airing of Antiques Roadshow on Channel 8.1 and 8.2.  Members of the Antiques Club are listed as sponsors on air before and after the Antiques Roadshow! Those who purchase tickets for the Antiques Fair at the $75 or higher level will be enrolled in the Antiques Club. 


PBS Kansas Antiques Fair 2021