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Planned Giving

Gift and Estate Planning

For almost 50 years, KPTS has brought the impact, inspiration and fond memories of a wide variety of programs to serve an equally varied audience across South Central Kansas. Thanks to the generosity of loyal viewers and supporters, together we are creating a legacy of values: life-long learning; openness to discovery; creative thought and expression. You support helps us to build and maintain relationships in a world that seems to be shrinking and expanding at the same time!

It is common to hear folks say “I wish I could do more.” So we invite you to consider a bequest to KPTS in your estate plan. As we think of a legacy to leave for our loved ones, it seems assets ease the way, but values and examples guide the way.

Ways to Give

Perhaps for you, KPTS' mission reflects some of the values you want to pass on. One way to do this is a gift based on a percentage of your total estate or a percentage of your charitable estate. This will keep the gift proportional to your other priorities, regardless of factors beyond your control.

A bequest is a simple way to contribute to KPTS because you include your charitable priorities in your estate plan. Other gift planning methods may also help you to manage your assets for retirement income or solve financial or tax dilemmas. Just a few of these include:
• Bequests
• Retirement Plans
• Charitable Trusts (Income for Life)
Stock and Securities
• Real Estate
• Farm and Business Assets

To discuss planned giving options, please contact:
Terri Brooks, Director of Development
800-794-8498 ext 221


Kansas Public Telecommunications Service, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization.

KPTS does not engage in or render financial, legal or tax advice. Please consult your professional advisors to determine which options may best suit your situation.