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Join Sierra Scott as we visit people, places and things that make Kansas unique and special. Each episode features stories that uplift, encourage and inspire all of us to reach for the stars and make the world a better place.

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Positively Kansas Episode 309

Dramatic moments await a Navy crew who will soon board the new USS Wichita battleship. Learn what makes this crew special, and why the air capital plays such a prominent role on the high seas.

Also, a Halstead man reaches a milestone in his creative career that gives the folks in Halstead a chuckle every week. You’ll see what its all about.

Plus, you won’t find art that’s any more Kansas than Mar


Positively Kansas Episode 308

It was one of the most groundbreaking Supreme Court decisions in American history… and it happened right here in Kansas. Now, decades later, see a new chapter in the story unveiled at the state capitol.

Plus, the movie “Twister” hit close to home in Kansas and made storm chasing hugely popular. Twenty years later, we’ll visit the town where it all happened and learn why the blockbuster film fascin


Positively Kansas 307

Undocumented immigrants get help from a local organization, Wichita's rock n' roll history, a Kansas food photographer and more!


Positively Kansas Episode 306

Kansans bid a heartfelt goodbye to a piece of Wichita history. The city’s iconic downtown library closes for good in preparation for it’s replacement to open. Learn why this building has played such an important role in Wichita’s history.

Plus… they were Wichita’s answer to the Von Trapp family… and they’re back! Our cameras were there as the once-famous Scheer Family singing group reunited for an


Positively Kansas Episode 305

In this episode… a Wichita music teacher shatters the glass ceiling in a way once considered unthinkable in conservative Kansas and the nation has taken notice. Learn why her lesson plan is as much about acceptance and understanding as it is about band and orchestra.

Plus… a Kansas man is the national champion of wheelchair tennis. Discover how he became the best of the best and how his life story


Positively Kansas Episode 304

In this episode… by day he is saving lives on the operating table, but by night a Wichita surgeon has a whole other line of work that’ll make you pop your cork.

Plus… his avant guard movies have had a regional cult following for generations, but now a Wichita filmmaker has developed a whole new audience for his creative productions. We’ll enter the world of the one and only R.G. Miller.


Positively Kansas 303

On this episode of Positively Kansas, a Wichita man searches for his family in Tokyo, Japan. Meet a six year old girl, who happens to be a wrestling champion. Also-- the newest trend in farming starts right in the middle of the city. And learn why Kansas kids and the great outdoors go hand in hand, in our Kansas Wild Edge report. All of this, and meet the newest guest to be profiled in "My


Positively Kansas Episode 302

In this episode… from China to Wichita, Grace Wu Monnat is on a non-stop mission to help Kansans help themselves. Discover what drives her and how she is helping make Wichitans safer.

Also… a man who helped change the course of Wichita history by bridging the racial divide. Clarence Wesley shares some of the highlights of his remarkable life and his timeless philosophy that leads to a


Positively Kansas Episode 301

In this episode…

Lives are being changed… one lesson at a time. Discover how an effort to teach english to immigrants has really taken off in Wichita.

Also, they’re paying for college by playing video games, and their success has landed their small Kansas university on the national stage. You’ll meet this new generation of collegiate athlete.


Positively Kansas Episode 211

A Wichita woman shares a bizarre story about her house, a school counselor's shocking reinvention, and Scooby Doo's Mystery Machine cruises Kansas streets, on this episode of Positively Kansas.


Positively Kansas Episode 210

In this episode, meet “Mighty”—that’s her nickname. She’s the newest member of the Harlem Globetrotters…and she hails from Salina. Also, who knew that a love for daisies and roses would land a Kansas florist in the record books. Find out why he is truly outstanding in his field---of flowers.


Positively Kansas Episode 209

Enjoy a special Christmas edition of Positively Kansas with great local holiday stories and music!


Positively Kansas Episode 208

In this episode, visit a historic, elegant hotel that rivals some of the best in the world… and it’s just down the street from a grain elevator! Shuttered for decades, it is now back in business and more beautiful than ever.

And wait till you see what’s going on at the Kansas Oil Museum. You’ll want to make plans for a visit after you see this!


Positively Kansas Episode 207

In this episode, they’re too young to vote, but not too young to run for governor. Jim Grawe talks to the five Kansas teens who have thrown their hats in the ring.

Also, you may have heard of the radio show ‘A Prairie Home Companion’, about Lake Wobegon, Minnesota. Well, we have our own version in Kansas. We’ll find out how its done and meet the big-time actor who is behind it all.


Positively Kansas Episode 206

Mayberry is in North Carolina, but did you realize the influence Kansas had on the Andy Griffith show? Anthony Powell investigates the connection, and why we Kansans can claim a part of this iconic tv show for ourselves. Plus, a Wichita mother and son have an idea to help the less fortunate and it’s proving to be a big success. Find out why Kansans in need are so thankful.

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Positively Kansas Episode 205

The world of an internet video star can be exciting and lucrative, and a lot of Kansans are cashing in. But, along with the perks, often comes pain. We get the inside scoop from some local viral video personalities who share the ups and downs of internet fame.

And we take to the skies of Kansas… the way it was done in the early days. It’s a timeless takeoff the way it was done back


Positively Kansas Episode 204

In this episode, meet Kansas’ 102-year-old newspaper reporter.


Positively Kansas Episode 203

A Derby man uncovers the lost story of his uncle who was captured in World War II. And the Peterson farm brothers get their groove on in Argonia performing some of their viral video hits.


Positively Kansas Episode 202

In this episode, meet the Kansas livestock farmer with 40-thousand head under one roof! Also, viral video star Derek Klingenberg shares some of this favorites.


Positively Kansas Episode 201

On this episode of Positively Kansas, meet the oldest bowler in Kansas and a Harvey county woman who is still burning rubber in her ’65 gto. Plus much more!