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Every great institution depends on the faithful leadership of patrons whose commitment far surpasses the casual supporter. For KPTS, those leaders are the Signal Society.

The Signal Society is a diverse group committed to the value KPTS brings to their family and community. Patrons of the Signal Society distinguish themselves as KPTS’ most generous annual donors. They sustain the impact of public television by giving $1,000 or more each year.

Your investment pays personal dividends in addition to those you share with your neighbors. Patrons of the KPTS Signal Society enjoy insider updates, invitations to events, and opportunities to meet like-minded folks.

Your participation helps KPTS to be a primary influence in a thriving, engaged community through:

PBS Programs – KPTS is the regional source for the excellent national programs of PBS - the Public Broadcasting Service.

Local Programs – KPTS is a unique outlet for programs of local interest, on local topics or that are locally produced. KPTS is the only full-power TV station that is locally owned and operated.

Education and Outreach Services – KPTS brings activities to your community. Workshops help parents, caregivers, and teachers learn about using television wisely and effectively to excite and encourage children to read and learn with understanding. We also look for opportunities to engage adults with topics of timely community interest.

Internet Resources – The KPTS website leads to a wealth of resources for education and information. Whether posted directly or on sites related to programs we air, the starting point is right here at

Your participation will enable you to

  • Talk with leaders, hosts, and producers
  • Meet others who care deeply about public broadcasting
  • Attend advance screenings of new productions
  • Receive information about upcoming programs and events
  • Be eligible to receive complimentary tickets, when available, to various: concerts and musical plays

You can begin to enjoy all these benefits and more today by:

  • Supporting KPTS’ mission to educate, engage, entertain and enrich our community
  • Joining the Signal Society and making an annual donation of $1,000 or more (exclusive of pledge premiums).

Options include payment by credit card, electronic fund transfer or a variety of installment or custom payment plans.

If you have questions about becoming a Signal Society patron, please email Phil Richardson or call 800-794-8498 ext. 221.

Signal Society Members
Mrs. Mildred F. Armstrong
Dr. & Mrs. Colin Bailey
Craig Barton
Frank & Veronica Bergquist
William D. Bischoff
Emily J. Bonavia
Patrick Boyarski & Betsy Morrison
Dr. & Mrs. W T Braun, III
Drs Charles & Jeanne Burdsal
Mr. & Mrs. Jon Callen
Mr. Ron L. Campbell
Mr. J T Carwile
Marilyn Sue Cressler
William L. Crow Charitable Trust
DeVore Family Fund
Carolyn Dillon
Senator Robert J. Dole
Mary Wheeler Floyd
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Fralick
Mr. & Mrs. James Garvey, James Garvey Family Charitable Trust
Mr. & Mrs. Jack Glaves
Mrs Ruth L. Gray
Mr. & Mrs Walter S. Grether
David & Marilyn Grisham
Mr. & Mrs. Larry Hatteberg
William & Marlene Hayes
Jeffrey & Cynthia Highbarger
Mr. & Mrs. Clinton R. Hinman
Robert & Janeen Hughes
Prof & Mrs Fran Jabara, Jabara Family Foundation Inc
Dwight L. Jantz
Anita L. Jones
Mr. J. Fred Kubik, Charitable Foundation, Inc.
Mr. & Mrs. J. Fred Kubik
Mr. & Mrs. Jerry L. Long
Mr. & Mrs. W. E. Lusk, Jr, Lusk Family Foundation
Mr. & Mrs. Robert M. Mayle
Mr. & Mr.s Ray A. McChristian
Doug & Liz McGinness, McGinness Family Foundation
Ruth Ann Messner
Ms. Jeanie Metzen, F H Kaysing Co
Todd & Laura Murphy
Glyn Rimmington
David & Barbara Rolph
Mr. & Mrs. David Saidian
Mr & Mrs Bob G. Scott
Christopher Shank & Anna Anderson
Mr. Richard Smith & Ms. Sondra Langel
Mr. & Mrs. Stephen Starch
Mr. & Mrs. Donald K. Stephan
Mr. & Mrs. Keith D. Stevens
Mr. & Mrs. Dan J. Taylor, Daniel J Taylor Family Charitable Foundation
James H. Welch, IV Trust
Mr. Gary C. Wood
Mr. Ty Zeiner
Mr. & Mrs. Thomas P. Zwemke